The VETEGA general fund provides grants to veterinarians so they can provide medical and/or surgical services for ownerless animals or injured or ill animals whose owners can’t afford all or part of treatment. VETEGA help has been as minimal as providing vaccines for a stray cat to helping to treat cats with urinary obstruction and dogs with lacerations. VETEGA provides grants up to $300 per patient. In 2011, our general fund provided $6100 in grants for more than 27 patients including treating dog fight wounds, a dog with a uterine infection and “Phineas”, a cat that had a gunshot wound to the face and had a partial amputation of his mandible. Phineas had multiple donors specify donations directly for his care and therefore VETEGA was able to pay over $1000 for his care.

VETEGA’s spay/neuter assistance fund provides low cost spays and neuters. The owners have a co-pay to the veterinarian then VETEGA pays the veterinarian based on type of surgery (spay or neuter), type of animal (dog or cat) and size (weight). Our spay/neuter assistance fund helps those families who don’t qualify for Vermont’s Spay Neuter Incentive Program (VSNIP) yet can’t afford to spay or neuter their pet. We provide spay/neuter grants year round. The money in our spay/neuter fund is from individuals or organizations that have requested the money be dedicated to only spay and neuter services. The general fund is used to support spay/neuters when the funds dedicated to spay/neuters are used up.

In 2014, VETEGA started a new partnership with Clarina Howard Nichols Center to raise funds for any pets that need veterinary treatment when sheltering with their families. Clarina Howard Nichols Center became the first domestic violence shelter in Vermont to earn SAF-T (sheltering animals and families together) status - opening their shelter doors to survivors of family violence and their companion animals. Since one of the biggest costs that is anticipated for this program is the increased need for veterinary care, we are doing collaborative fundraising for Clarina and VETEGA.

For all funds, participating veterinarians provide VETEGA with discounted services and in many cases donate goods and services when the cost of care exceeds VETEGA's contribution.