• Dasher
  • Description: Hit by car adult neutered male kitty found on the Hogback road on 6/24. Still trying to find his owners (owners were found) but we're putting Veterinary Efforts in Giving to Animals grant and some donated meds to good use.
  • Phineas’ Story
  • Description:

    In the fall of 2010, "Phineas" was found as a stray by a client of Lamoille Valley Veterinary Services and presented to them for care of his wounds. Investigation found that those wounds were from a gunshot. Local non-profit VETEGA, Inc. (Veterinary Efforts In Giving to Animals, Inc.) and community members came together to help cover some of the costs of his care. Lamoille Valley Veterinary Services and Burlington Emergency and Veterinary Specialists pitched in by providing that care and treatment. Phineas had his surgery with Lamoille Valley Veterinary Services’ (LVVS’) Dr Beth Souers and Dr. Kurt Schulz at the Burlington Emergency and Veterinary Specialists hospital in Williston. The surgical treatment for his injured jaw was to place a steel plate onto his fractured right mandible (jaw bone). The left mandible (50% missing due to gunshot) was remarkably still in alignment and only needed minimal care of cleaning it and removing a couple pieces of fractured bone. The tissue surrounding these areas had already started to heal over but needed more time to complete the process. It appeared that Phineas likely had this injury for at least a couple weeks prior to being found and brought to LVVS. This was suspected before surgery; however, during surgery there was evidence of remodeled bone in the fractured mandible confirming that this was not a recent injury. Therefore, Phineas was only further proving to us that he was quite a capable and fearless survivor! He must have been scavenging and eating on his own during his time as an injured stray prior to finding help. An esophagostomy (feeding) tube, placed by Drs. Souers and Pratt when he arrived at LVVS, was removed soon after he had recovered from his surgery. Phineas was neutered after his mandible surgery and recovered well at Burlington Emergency and Veterinary Specialists. He was transferred back to Lamoille Valley Veterinary Services for the rest of his post-surgical care. After he finished healing, he was adopted into a forever home in 2011. Phineas – and all of us at VETEGA, Inc. – extend our thanks to all veterinarians, staff and the cat-loving community across the country that supported him! We were able to pay over $1000 towards his care thanks to donations directed towards his care.

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